Wednesday, June 23, 2021

The Slog of Invisibility

Most Slog postings are not indexed by Google because this enterprise is so unshared that Google ranks it somewhere between a Nigerian scam and a diet pill ploy.

I long ago accepted that there's nothing I could possibly offer here that would compel readers to link/share (as I once wrote, I could publish Jesus Christ's personal cell phone number and it wouldn't ripple). But I hadn't considered the ultimate indignation: that this material might be ignored by search engines, thereby becoming effectively nonexistent.

I realize it's bold of me to suggest that anything here might rise to the level of cat videos or whatever other material you feature on social media accounts. But if you (yes, you, passive human reader) have a web site or a blog, or an account on Facebook or Twitter and might see fit to link to either the home page and/or a posting or two, it would ensure that this doesn't perish from obscurity.

I received the following automatically-generated note from a search-optimization scammer, proposing to help me get better search results. He's pinpointed the problems, among them, a lack of quality:

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