Friday, September 3, 2021

PRKR Follow-Up

This is a follow-up to this

So, PRKR never slid as low as I hoped. Ever a contrarian, I look for cheap entry points with the enthusiasm that everybody else applies to fancy exit points (the former sets the stage for the latter). Maybe it's the Jewishness in me, but I've kept hoping for a lower price, and never bought, and I may soon get squeezed out when PRKR's big trial date gets announced. The current price of $1.20 is probably low enough, but I'll stubbornly keep waiting, and hope to buy some at $1.10 and maybe more at $1. If this were easy and relaxing, everyone would win. 

As I explained last time, when trial date gets announced (god only knows when), it should shoot up as the faithful scurry to get back in. As trial grows closer, it should shoot up more, as the hotshots cut in last-minute in their Maseratis. And I fail to see any reason it won't reach something like the $1.86 it hit last time. Which would be awesome. 

This play I am advocating compels dumping everything before trial starts (whence little twitchy tells from the judge could start spooking investors). 

The shares I bought at 40¢ I will let ride through trial and perhaps beyond, but that's speculative, and I'm prepared to kiss them goodbye. But if I get another shot at $1.10, I will take it, and pay the high taxes on the (hopefully steep) short term gain, selling on the trial's first day. 

And let me tell you something about me: I’m often right about stuff (good analytical skills + ample intuition is a rare and useful combo), but when I fail, it can be spectacular. So be careful out there. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the helpful update and caution. Re. their lawsuit expenses, at least they now reached 2 settlements: Buffalo (japan) and Zyxel (Taiwan). Also the "elevated" share price (above 1 $) helps raise cash from share sales, with outstanding shares around 50M (aug 2020) now 74M (aug 2021). A $100M reward would equate to above 1$ per share, so with PRKR now trading at 1.30$ that's what the market can agree to, in its currently festive mood. Regards B.

James Leff said...

Festive! Ha! Great!

I doubt these two settlements amounted to anything. Just tap dancing to break up the becalming prior to trial.

And I don’t think the current price reflects any sort of valuation. Just reluctance to sink money until the next catalyst (a $1.3B trial) firms up. Let the mo-fo sink like a stone, by all means, so stupid/patient me can buy in and wait stupidly and patiently for my circa 70% gain. I devour crumbs gladly.


James Leff said...

“September” wasn’t code, just an editing error.


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