Tuesday, November 2, 2021


Selfish people feel overly generous. Generous people feel overly selfish.

People in Dubai understand air conditioning to a level we can't imagine. Same for Siberians and heat. If you go to Dubai, don't sweat the heat. If you go to Siberia, don't worry about cold.

Smart people live in a stupid world. The strong live among weaklings. If you're insightful, your world is blindly superficial, and if you're beautiful and meticulous, you live among pigs, mired in slop.

Defy the will of a control freak and they will see you as trying to control them.

Amateur musicians sometimes play out of tune because they try to play in tune, which means when they fail - and they will! - they'll be noticeably out of tune. Professional musicians always play in tune because they try to play really, really in tune, which means that when they fail - and they will! - they're still reasonably in tune.

Talented people can't operate talentlessly. The rest are able to grind through semi-competently, because that's their thing. But the talented, lacking that ability, fall into a dark pit. (This explains the allegory of Samson.)

If a wine tastes overly tannic, that means it's either 1. overly tannic, or 2. lacking in everything else, so the tannins stick out. (That one's from my old friend Elliot.)

You can be smart or you can feel smart...but never both (and the former feels dumb).

Most singers become singers because they want to be singers, not because they want to sing.

Why do we see Atlas as a god; as a hero? The poor shmuck could have let go at any time. It'd have been fine.

Flipping perspective is often productive.

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