Sunday, June 23, 2024

Added Link

I added a new link to my previous posting, "Pity Parties" - namely, from the term "karma yoga" near the bottom.

While I frequently toss off the term, or dance around it (here are all such postings in reverse chronological order), I often forget that I once did a decent job of explaining it.

As for "karma" itself, yeesh. What a task to try to cut through all the absurd misconception and misuse of the term. I've heard respected swamis yammer on about karma without ever getting anywhere. But here's my uncharacteristically terse effort. See what you think!

A postscript: if you read my definition of karma and my explanation of karma yoga, you might very well fail to see a direct link between the two. In fact, I'd be quite surprised if you put it all together. It took me decades to bridge that gap, even with a strong yoga practice and an early understanding of karma. The practice of karma yoga involves unfolding the paradoxical connection between action and surrender. It's the most puzzling puzzle there is, and intellectual solutions are worthless. You need to personally experience it, by "letting go and letting god (or whomever/whatever)" WHILE YOU "try to do something worthwhile regardless of whether anyone gives a crap". It's a rough ride because each of those things is a bit of a shlep. If only that guy had accepted the tongs, I'd have been spared the effort.

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