Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Remember This

You're in a public place, experiencing unfamiliar pain which, it soon dawns on you, indicates a heart attack. If you can summon someone's attention, there's something you need to say (besides the obvious "ambulance!"). Summon the strength to utter these words with persuasive urgency:
"I want you to yell, as loud as you can, 'Does anyone have nitroglycerin tablets?' I'm going to need a tablet slipped under my tongue. If so, tell the ambulance guys I did this."
Here's why (everyone should read this): "Understanding Heart Stuff".

The ambulance guys will bring nitroglycerin, but your clock is ticking and you want it now. Now is way, way better than 30 seconds or 5 minutes from now. And surprisingly many people walk around with nitro tablets. And it's more surprising that we're so poorly educated about this. The same, naturally, also applies to other people in similar straits. Don't just call an ambulance. Get somebody to offer their nitroglycerin.

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