Friday, February 13, 2009

Dance Move Tutorials

His production values are unswank, and he may not be the most efficient teacher in the world, but this guy on YouTube has posted tons of great instructional videos explaining hip dance moves that are otherwise very difficult to learn about. He also teaches some really creative, unique steps he's figured out. And he's not promoting anything; it's all out of pure generosity.
"I'm not making these videos for fun...i am making for people to become sick dancers."

I find the sentiment really touching. And, most impressively, he hardly shows off at all. Each video consists almost entirely of his patiently slowing things down, breaking down steps to clearly explain them. For the most part, he declines to demonstrate the finished step for more than a couple of seconds. Just when one begins to question his expertise, he'll do a complete step full-out for the briefest of moments, clearly proving this dude really knows his stuff. Imagine that: a slick dancer patiently offering all his moves to all comers for free, without even looking for ego satisfaction.

Even if you're not someone who hangs out in dance clubs, the tutorial on how to airwalk and moonwalk will have you gliding around your living room.

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