Saturday, February 14, 2009

Compiling a "Best of" List

I've been trying to pick out twenty especially original Slog entries to throw into a "Best of" section for the benefit of newbies. 26 candidates I've come up with can be read (in reverse chronological order) here, or those same 26 are listed below with direct links.

I could use your help winnowing these down (or suggesting entries I passed over). I'm not looking for the funniest or most useful entries, or those most relevant to your personal interests, but the overall most original and interesting pieces (insofar, of course, as any of them can be considered original or interesting).


Ballasting Happiness
The Monks and the Coffee
How to Enter Sensitive Passwords on Public Computers
Climbing Ladders
Aztecs in Austria
How to Smuggle in Cuban Cigars....Legally!
Always Talk to the Mask
Exercise Workouts: The "Wuss" Strategy
The Route of Escalating Conciliation
Milton Resnick: Ecstasy Made Visible
We've Gone Completely Jungian
Consistency, Niche, and the Art/Biz Dichotomy
A Muslim Writer's "Open Letter to Obama"
Ad Blocker Exceptions Are the New Online Tip Jar
How to pick out shill-reviewed places on Trip Advisor
God As Dude
Eating by the Numbers
Indie Filmmakers Won't Let Me See Their Films
Ten Terrific Films You've Never Heard Of
Ten Terrific Films You've Never Heard Of
Hillary, Sexism, OJ, and an Apology to the Right Wing
Salesmanship in Love and Politics
Why Things Suck
Devil's Advocate on Gay Marriage
Transcending Tom & Jerry
Brazilian Bus Driver Syndrome
...and the 'Bubbles, Slogs, and Selling Out' series


Barry said...

Jim, a bunch of these URLs are broken - e.g., they are set to

...which doesn't resolve.

Jim Leff said...

Thanks, it should be fixed now.

Dave said...

My favorites (not in any order):

Monks & the Coffee
Aztecs in Austria
Ten Terrific Films...
Eating By the Numbers

Second Favorites (not in any order)

Always Talk to the Mask
Consistency, Niche and Ad Blocker
A Muslim's Open Letter
How to Smuggle Cuban Cigars

Jim Leff said...

Thanks! But are there any in that list you DON'T think are worthy? I'm trying to pare it down. Or if I've missed something that really needs to be included...

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