Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Death to America" Background

During the Iranian hostage crisis, the conclusion we were all to draw from the harrowing news reports and angry images on television was that the crazies had seized control, and were venting their irrational anti-American hatred.

I heard, a few years later, that the Iranians had at the time managed to reconstruct many shredded CIA documents they'd found at the embassy (
via carpet weavers). But no one ever told me that the reassembled documents were actually available to be read.

They are. In photo form, on Wikipedia, no less. It's an interesting read for those who've always wondered if there was a basis for all the seemingly irrational anti-American hatred.

The documents are a chore to read in photo form, so I tried googling some of the text, hoping to find a transcription. Remarkably, there were no hits. No one has ever transcribed these documents?

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