Friday, August 28, 2009

How (Perennially) Fat People Diet: Part 2a

That last entry was a bit long. It had to be, to make the points it had to make. But to be sure the central thread didn't get lost, let me tersely wrap it up:

Many dieters insist they can't eat a thing in the morning and/or at lunch. But that's only the case because you've trained it that way! Start having a nutritious few bites at the same time of day, gradually increase to a balanced, healthful meal (which I'll be defining more precisely later), and within a week, you'll be fully hungry at those times and able - even eager - to eat breakfast and lunch. And the meals won't leave you feeling bleary and sluggish.

The cessation of your hunger reflex for much of the day is not a good thing. It's the sign of your metabolism shutting down, and taking your digestive fire with it. It is very bad for your health, and will trap you into a pattern of low-energy and high weight.

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Tom Armitage said...

Very good and sensible advice, Jim. Now if I can only follow it. Ay, that's the rub.

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