Saturday, December 26, 2009

Great Granola and Iffy Nutrition

I tried some BOLA Granola. It's almondy/addictive, and achieves the deft balance of salty/sweet shown by the best brands in my recent granola tasting. Roasting's dead-on perfect, too. Great stuff. It also runs 280 calories per serving (lots of almonds, lots of brown sugar), with a serving size defined as half a cup. My 3 oz sample package - the size of a sleek, tiny Razr phone - somehow constituted 1.5 servings!

Udi's Hawaiian Granola, one of the favorites from the tasting, states a serving size of half even
that: a ludicrous 1/4-cup (a deep whiff would ingest the better part of that via nasal osmosis). This allows them to declare a prim 120 calories per serving.

Finally, a nutritional mystery: How is it possible that a single, small, unadorned
Dunkin Donuts poppyseed bagel has 370 calories? And one third your RDA of sodium? And a huge 15 grams of protein?

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