Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Rare Window Into Tiger's Soul

You cannot escape Tiger Woods and his sex life. Not even here. Sorry.

Untitillated by the sordid revelations, I'd been avoiding the uproar, but randomly ran into a photo which stopped me in my tracks. This sex scandal stuff seemed so discordant with Tiger Woods' affable, bland, nerdy image. But some uncredited photographer managed to pierce through it and capture the guy's withered soul. A Dorian Gray catch-up moment.

Prepare to have the life force sucked straight out of you (you've been warned)...and click here.

Don't stare at the eyes too long.


Jim Leff said...

BTW, I believe he is using his super powers to mentally fondle the brunette over his right shoulder.

And it appears to be working.

Big Fella said...

That look conjures up a guy who has a depressing revelation. I imagine a thought bubble that might be "Stroke, stroke, stroke all day, stoke, stroke, stoke all night, why am I not happy?"

BlueNewMoon said...

I've seen a number of photos of Woods in public settings. Seems that's often his default expression. Nothing new here, I think.

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