Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Great Soba Noodles

These organic soba noodles are absolutely dynamite. They're a bit pricy, but you get eight packages, containing three servings each. And, trust me, you'll go through them rapidly.

You boil the noodles for only three minutes, then add to any juicy stir fry (boil four minutes if you're serving them right out of the pot). So delicious, it really tastes like a special occasion. And soba's made from buckwheat, a high protein, high fiber,
low-glycemic carb. Three minutes...delicious...healthy. You really can't beat it!

Here's one method: sauté chopped onion in a saucepan until soft, then add equal parts apple cider, olive oil, and water, plus, mixed in and liquified, a half teaspoon of miso paste (I like the lighter varieties from
South River Miso). Also a dash of tamari or Filipino preserved lemon soy sauce. Add some chopped broccolini, carrots, and leeks (sugarsnap peas are good, too), and cook, covered, on medium low heat for 5 minutes. Add raw slices of wild salmon and cook till done. Then stir in the noodles and a bit of their cooking water. Serve immediately.


Kirk said...

Hi, Jim. Happy holidays!

I love soba noodles, and will definitely try these, but the house-made noodles at Tei An in Dallas have spoiled me. I had a lunch omakase there last week that ended with soba in a smoky mushroom both, and it may have been the best meal I've eaten (so far) in 2009. (And, at $35 for four courses including sashimi, it was a steal.)

Another place to try, after your next Babe's foray. May it happen in 2010!

Jim Leff said...

Kirk, happy holidaze right back at you!

I'd love to try Tei An. I need to find three or four days to spend down there. I miss Babe's horribly.

If you do try my noodles, please let me know your experience. I've had a lifelong aversion to people insisting one can cook at home better than what's eaten in restaurants (it's a chowhound thing). But in this case, it's true. I no longer deem soba restaurant food!

Kirk said...

Hi, Jim. Finally got hold of some of these, and I have to agree that they're the best packaged soba I have ever had. Tei An's house-made soba are still exceeptional, but Hakubaku definitely outstrip the other packaged ones I've tried. Have you ever tried their udon?

Weren't you coming down this way sometime this month? Did you ever make it?

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