Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Custom Mixed Granola

Here at Granola Central, I've heard about a couple of sites (thanks, Paul and Chris) offering custom mix-ins. They're interesting.

[me]&goji: "custom artisanal cereal" with some interesting choices (e.g. dried mulberries, ) but an annoyingly cutesy interface to match its uberawkward name. And:

MixMyGranola, which almost seems like a hoax as you're offered increasingly surreal mix-in items such as pomegranate cordials, mustard pretzels, candy corn, mangosteen powder, and, omg, "caffeine powder"

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Anonymous said...

Jim, thanks for your assessment of those two website. I find the little green leaves you have to click on at [me]andgoji fairly annoying as well. You are however missing two of the bunch: from California has a really neat website. focuses on gluten-free cereal mixes only. Just thought I add those two to your list.

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