Friday, January 15, 2010

Miso-Liquified Oatmeal

I tried making this very interesting porridge recipe from South River Miso. I added South River's chickpea miso to warm cooked oatmeal, left it overnight, and the enzyme liquified it. I reheated in the morning, and it was delicious (I sprinkled some granola atop, and that dovetailed nicely with the nutty miso flavoring).

Low protein, however, so I supplemented with a glass of Nitrean.

If you order from South River (and you should; I bought a four-miso sample four years ago that's still going strong in my fridge), you absolutely must get some of their miso tamari, which is insanely good and an awesome source of hard-to-pin-down je ne sais quoi. And also a jar of their ridiculously great tahini.

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