Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nut Butter Crunch

Nut butter crunch has been my favorite confection since childhood.

An old Chowhound thread just picked up a
good-sounding tip for the nut butter crunch at J. Emanuel Chocolatier 57 Main St, Chester, NJ 908-879-0500

I'm a fan of the
nut butter crunch at See's chocolate (even better: their peanut brittle)

Li-Lac (120 Christopher Street Near Bedford St 212-242-7374) makes a great one.

Schmidt's Quality Chocolates (94-15 Jamaica Ave, Woodhaven, Queens; 718-846-9326) is a time machine store where everything's made by hand and displayed on waxpaper-coated pans in ancient wooden shelves. They make dark chocolate buttercrunch, really the best way to do it (the bitter dark chocolate offsets the sweet toffee).

Trader Joe's sells a damned good version.

Below, a recent photo.


Big Fella said...

See's Victoria Toffee is killer.

Dave said...

Did you ever try Enstrom's? It is a little cruder tasting than Keller's, but I can't find any that I like better. IMO, it's leagues better than See's or LiLac's. And like Keller's, I prefer the milk chocolate version even though I usually prefer dark chocolate.

Jim Leff said...

Is Keller's still available anywhere?

Dave said...

Unfortunately, I think Keller's is kaput.

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