Thursday, February 18, 2010

Anti-Cancer Foods

There's been much excitement over the past day or so about newly publicized information regarding the antiangiogenic properties of certain foods. There's reason to believe that consumption of such foods is even more powerful in inhibiting cancer (including some cancers that are impervious to drugs) than taking antiangiogenic drugs. They may have action against obesity, as well.

See more info, as well as a list of those foods,
here. If you were to pick a few to concentrate on, you might consider green tea, blueberries, dark chocolate, turmeric, and grapeseed oil (though, please, not all in the same dish). Those have been found to be healthful in other ways in other research (click respective links for details), making them, in light of this latest discovery, appear to be "super foods".

It's best to avoid really loading up, over time, on any single food, though. You'd be multiplying not only the healthy properties of that food, but also any negative ones that may have yet to be discovered (and/or which might, as a fluke, adversely affect your particular system). So it's smart to vary your diet.

Also, while it's probably fine to save money by foregoing organic when it comes to foods eaten occasionally and/or in ordinary quantity, foods eaten in larger portion and frequency ought to be sought out in organic form. My reasoning is that what regulators deem a healthful level of pesticides, etc. in normal serving size might well be unhealthful in greater quantity. This is even more urgent when concentrating foods, e.g. via juicing, where one consumes far greater amounts than in ordinary servings.

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