Thursday, February 4, 2010

Please Tell Me They Won't Attack Iran...

Will someone please protect us from the neo-cons and Israelis who are frothing at the mouth right now about attacking Iran (latest examples re: the former and the latter)?

Yes, the issue has been foaming for years now, and many of us may have grown complacent with the notion that it's just sabers rattling. But there are indications this nightmare may come true. As with Iraq and Afghanistan, the result would be diametrically opposed to its intention: it would prop up the wobbly Iranian regime and spur them to pursue nukes at full speed and at any cost. And while most experts agree that it's absurd to expect Iran to nuke Israel, a preemptive strike by Israel would certainly set the stage for a self-fulfilling prophecy.

By the way, I point you to that first article not for its coded railings about the "Israeli lobby" (the latest euphemism for "the Jewish conspiracy"), but for the way it captures the spreading perception that wheels are moving faster and faster in some circles.

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