Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"I Knew J.D."

(The following is an update of an entry from last week)

Here are some "I was friends with Salinger all along" tell-alls. They're starting to spill forth, now that Salinger's no longer around to miff and sue. If you've spotted other such accounts, please post links in the comments.

Roger Lathbury (invited, at least for a while, to publish Salinger's last short story)

Lillian Ross in the New Yorker

J. D. Salinger a Recluse? Well, Not to His Neighbors (NY Times)

Dear Jerry, You Old Bastard: My adventures answering J.D. Salinger's mail (Slate)

and, while not a tell-all, here's a nice
NY Observer piece by Gay Talese on Salinger's influence

Also, if you haven't been following along with the comments to my recent
Explaining Salinger entry, there are some interesting things to check out there.

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