Friday, June 4, 2010

Extraordinary Crimes Warrant Extraordinary Measures?

Why do we read Miranda rights to child abusers? And why do we let them lawyer up and proceed, comfortably, through our criminal justice system - where they might, in the end, be released due to some legalistic technicality and permitted back into society to damage the lives of untold innocent children?

Furthermore, pedophiles often join rings to share child pornography...or worse. Breaking up such rings is absolutely critical. Each day such rings operate means monsters indulging their thirst for rape and abuse. In light of this clear and present danger, why do we merely interrogate pedophiles when they're caught? Harsher methods are called for to ensure that they name accomplices. Surely that's a worthy goal at literally any cost. Should the abstract notion of legal rights trump the well-being of our children?

And what about frauds who pose as doctors, or who peddle counterfeit medicines? Unchecked, such people endanger the lives of untold innocent victims. When caught, we must immediately pore over their patient lists and supply chains to stave off grievous bodily harm. If such information isn't willingly offered, there is a clear pressing need to force it out by any means. And how can we ever return such individuals, in all their menace, to normal society? It's impossible to imagine them being rehabilitated by jail time. Once their information is extracted, they need to be forever removed from society. Do you want child abusers and homicidal medical frauds walking around freely?

Beyond-the-pale criminals ought to be handled beyond the confines of a criminal justice system designed to coddle garden variety criminals! (Or else we ought to avoid the (very) slippery slope and stick with our established time-tested system, come what may, for all offenders.)

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Anonymous said...

hmmm, indecipherable blog entry. Maybe I'm missing some referent case, 'cuz it's hard to figure out if it's to be taken literally, or all rhetorical and I'm supposed to conclude that the parenthetical is the point? but that doesn't seem like a point, unless I'm supposed to apply it to some other circumstance, perhaps that terror and immigration suspects should also be given their day in...

anyway, since it's about one form of child abuse, figure I'll point out the another, the day care sex abuse hysteria, does in some large part seem to have been hysteria.

Point is not that abuse is OK, but that the accused should probably get a chance to defend themselves.

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