Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Problem Solving Solved

Zen teacher Adyashanti has said that the way to distinguish between genuine intuition and ditzy brain chatter is that genuine intuition pipes up quietly and only once. The ditzy brain chatter, by contrast, tends to insist.

This applies nicely to my quandary about problem solving (stated here and here),

Our deep intuition is what we actually are: the silent fundament of consciousness upon which the noisy mind drama projects. It never grows exasperated when we spurn its inclinations because, being utterly in the moment, it's detached from outcomes.

But detachment doesn't require disengagement. Disengagement's an illusion, anyway. What appears to be disengagement is nothing but another sort of engagement.

So the task, I suppose, is to offer a quiet whisper and let the drama continue as it will.

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