Wednesday, June 30, 2010

YouTube Lets You Skip (or Choose) the Ads

Why is Google about to allow YouTube users to skip ads? To charge the hell out of advertisers for viewers who don't opt out, of course!

But reports on this have buried the lede. The really important part is this: "YouTube will offer users a choice of the ads they can see within a video."

It's a watershed moment. And, somewhere, Seth Godin
just had an orgasm.

We needn't hate ads. Hating ads dates from broadcast days, when we suffered through gazillions of ads of no interest to us. But there are companies and products out there which any of us would be eager to learn about. Now, finally, advertising is shifting toward giving us a say in that process. It's about time!

Further cluefulness: "It will encourage advertisers to invest in compelling ads," says senior Google product manager Baljeet Singh.

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