Wednesday, March 12, 2014

To Be a Moderate Makes One a Democrat

Are you a non-crazy Republican? If so, you need to ask yourself four questions:

1. How is it possible that a party that's all about "spreading democracy" can admire the leadership style of a Vladmir Putin?

2. How is it possible that a party that's all about patriotism could have tarnished America's faith and credit via its debt ceiling antics? Or brazenly changed laws to make it more difficult for certain groups to vote? Or gone bonkers trying to repel smart and sorely-needed conservative solutions (like the Affordable Care Act) simply because they'd been adopted by the other side?

3. How is it possible that a party that's all about freedom and hardcore constitutionalism could fundamentally despise the organization devoted to vigilant protection of our Bill of Rights? Or press forward with "social conservative" agendas which would sharply restrict individual liberty?

4. How is it possible that a pro-business party could applaud and enable sharply widening wealth inequality, when any business person knows that continued profits require a huge base of customers with discretionary savings?

I wouldn't want to see radical liberalism in America anymore than I'd want to see radical conservatism. I've never thought of myself as a Democrat (nor Republican). But, sheesh, I wouldn't go near a Republican candidate these days. In this era when primary blitzes hail down upon all but the most extreme and ignorant GOP candidates, it is impossible for a Republican to advocate the moderate policies which interest me.

Not true for the Democrats, a more diverse collection not beholden to their radical fringe. If we still had two parties whose margins remained marginal, I'd keep my independent status, choosing candidates I like (i.e. moderates) from both sides. But we don't, so I'm considering registering as a Democrat in spite of my distaste for Hillary, Al, Nancy, Rachel, et al, as well as for the real meat of the liberal agenda - much of which hasn't seen the light of day in a few decades (we haven't had a liberal president since Carter, and even he was pretty centrist, even if he seems like Abbie Hoffman to a demagogue like Limbaugh).

As a moderate, I'm fundamentally opposed to extremism. And extremism is disproportionally stacked and empowered on the right at this point. So the enemy of my enemy is the Democrats.

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