Saturday, March 29, 2014

Write Sleek-Looking Music With Your Finger!

Music notation software* has a high learning curve and is a drudge to use because there's nothing natural about translating movements of a computer mouse into notated music. We use a keyboard to input words...imagine if we were forced to do that via a mouse!

* - I prefer an obscure, lovingly crafted $37 shareware program called Melody Assistant

The process is painful and counterintuitive. But...tablet computers have touch screens, allowing you to enter music with your finger. That's way better than with a mouse. And I just heard about an awesome app for iOs and Android called NotateMe which recognizes your finger (or pen)-entered music notation and 1. plays it back, and 2. converts it into professional-looking notation ready for export as PDF, MIDI, or MusicXML (for input into Sibelius and other heavyweight music programs).

This is huge! Have a look at this brief tour by SweetwaterSound (the most knowledgable source of music and electronic equipment):

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