Thursday, September 14, 2017

Credit Due

When he does something good for the country, I'll applaud. It doesn't need to be "for the right reason" (though I see no indication that this is not). I'm not his priest/confessor, I'm an American who wants good policy.

So while the Right, in its hatred of Obama, raged whenever Obama did the things they'd previously said they wanted, I'm not going to do that. Hard though it is, I try to be consistent in spite of my biases, preferences and emotions.

So....Yay, DACA. Yay, humanitarianism. Yay, Trump. Full stop.


RJStanford said...

I hope this is the case, however so far he hasn't actually done anything. If Congress puts a solution into place I will applaud them for doing their job - if Trump brokers that deal then I will gladly give him credit - but if he ends up resolving the issue with another EO then all he will have done is replace one of Obama's with one of his own.

Jim Leff said...

I was going to tack on "...if it actually happens", but it seemed nutty to add a conditional after "full stop".

Agreed that an EO would be the less helpful outcome. But if you'd deem that a neutral or negative result, I think you're not giving (per title of this posting) credit due. We don't need to judge him by his own consistencies. This isn't film clip time on The Daily Show; it's about not deporting Americans to a place they've never known. I'll take it however it comes.

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