Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Singapore Score

My binge of ultra-low-budget travel continues. Upcoming in November: Singapore for $435 (roundtrip, including taxes and fees). Courtesy, as usual, of, which I previously wrote about here.

Loads of AirBnB rooms are available in Tiong Bahru, near the hawker food center, for circa $25 USD. If I keep food expenses low (I don't expect to do blow-out meals), the five days will cost under $750. That's actually still a record high for me, but, hey, it's Singapore! My first trip there! What's more, native Singaporean, Chowhound veteran (and Eat Everywhere editor) Limster will be in town for at least part of that (here's a report from Boston Globe of the time we chowhounded Boston).

Any tips? Please leave comments!

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