Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mexican Photos

I dreamed about that Mexican place all night last night. Had to go back for lunch today. I ordered pork ribs in green sauce with black beans (note: do NOT expect spicy, jazzy blackbeans, ala Cuba, from Mexican chefs, who make them as homely and grounded as pinto beans). For what this place is (no cleverness, no assured flavor layerings, nothing but authentic grandmotherly love), it's, again, a 10.

I also took photos of the squeeze bottle of chile (maybe you can get some vibe out of it), and my strawberry drink (agua de fresa). The fact that I'd order any such drink speaks to my deep confidence for these guys. As always, lunch was $12.

They have not yet registered that I always finish my tortillas. Once they do, and ask me if I want more tortillas, I'll know I've arrived..

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