Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ever-Undulating Comment Security

Every year or so, a critical mass of Slog readers complains that they'd like to leave comments, but it's too much of a hassle. I ease security restrictions, and tell them to go for it. And nobody comments, but I have to deal with spam comments and anonymous trolling, so I increase security again. Back and forth; back and forth. There's something telling about the human condition here, but I can't quite articulate it. So I'll just note that I'm raising comment security again today.

I always figured this sort of blog would lend itself to a thoughtful, active commenting community. Oh well!


Display Name said...

I volunteer at a local library helping with a gaming group on thursdays. I help my friend who works there. I call him conan the librarian. All week people see the sign for thursdays and tell my friend who works the circ desk that they will stop by. He even gets phone calls the night of asking if the group is still going. the group is dying from lack of participation. Hardly anyone ever shows. But they want the option to come. Doh.

Jim Leff said...

I kind of get it. They mean it when they say it. But human action is notoriously untethered from human intention. Hence all the dormant gym memberships.

Display Name said...

Dude I so make out from those neglected gym memberships. Cheaper rates for dis gym junkie. I would comment more but I did "meet" you through chowhound and don't want to spam you. Smoke Daddy is doing fish fry fridays for lent with hushpuppies. Heading over there soon. Someday I will get a phone and take some damn pics. His fries are divine.

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