Friday, February 2, 2018

The Strategized Life

Last week in Dallas, I was invited to choose a car from the rental company's row. As usual, I took a full 10 minutes to go from car to car, checking mileage. The vehicles ranged from 32,000 miles to one with only 540, still retaining new car smell. Obviously, I drove out with the latter. Score!

Others choose on the basis of brand (as if all options within a given class on a rental lot aren't more or less equivalent) or color, or simply jump into the first car they see. These people experience the junky alignment and creepy off-ness normally associated with rental cars. Sometimes I feel like the only one applying strategy to my decisions.

But here's the thing: If other people are so non-strategic, why don't I find life a smoother, easier experience? Shouldn't I be winning? Whenever I see someone walk around a parking lot without paying attention to back-up lights, or dehydrating to lose weight, or ordering Domino's delivery when they live across the street from DiFara Pizza (I've actually seen this), I wonder why I'm not emperor of the frickin' world

Update: Hmm. I forgot that I already answered this.

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ray said...

I think that with most newer cars you have to turn the accessories switch on to see the mileage. Did they give you the keys to all the cars?

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