Thursday, March 28, 2019

Crew vs. Talent

There are two kinds of people: Talent and Crew.

Talent always considers Crew to be wannabes. They're the remainders who can’t cut it; the sad unsparkly souls who don't clean up well and who've let themselves go.

The Crew knows the Talent thinks this (this is not a symmetrical situation), and they know something the Talent doesn’t. Crew recognizes that Talent's perennially desperate, hovering in a state of anxiety, recognizing that they're a few extra quarts of ice cream, or a plastic surgery disaster, or a gaffed social media statement away from being revealed as the Crew we all are under the facade.

No one’s born Talent. We all come from Crew; Talent elevation is a fleeting contrivance of vanity. And we'll go out as Crew, too. Few of us have the capacity for delusion to complete this trip imagining themselves Talent the whole way.

I once noted that "Maturity is the correction of the misconception that you're the protagonist in this drama." So the Talent is immature. Circumstance chipping away at their facade does them a kindness. It's a necessary adjustment to their outlook; a gentle reminder they've been Crew all along.

Ich bin ein Teamster!

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