Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Obvious Connection Between My Miata and the Zombie Army

As I've mulled over my previous posting, "The Greatest Lesson Ever Taught", it occurs to me (and I just added as a postscript) that the fact that people can be thwarted by trivial impediment is surely related to the fact that most people do nothing.

My posting last year, titled "Filtering the Zombie Army", read, in part:
Most people do nothing. If they sign on, they won't show. If they pledge money, they won't pay. If you hire them, they'll sit in their cubicle and sip coffee.

You know how most soldiers never actually shoot at people? How as few as 30% perform all the kills? I've decided that this isn't a saving grace of humanistic morality. It's just another example of how most people do nothing.

I'm not saying they're lazy. I'm not saying they're liars or deadbeats. Just that they do nothing. Most people do nothing. I think of them as the Zombie Army.
The practical upshot - the thing you can count on - is this: the thing you want them to do is the thing they won't do. Even if they'd like to. Even if they really meant it when they claimed to be spunkily "all in". Most will do nothing.

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Display Name said...

That miata will haunt my dreams. What color? Cars should be like horses. If you don't ride them they can become feral and unrideable. I love my used red neon. I thank it for getting me home safely and sometimes I pat it. Do you give your cars names Jim? There are some workarounds for inertia. I heard a woman say she had new clothes in her closet with the tags still on them. She says the clothes languish because she never goes out anywhere That broke my heart. Now whenever I buy new or used clothing and accessories I promise myself I Have to wear them. And I do. Even if I get an outfit for an event that is a no-go I wear it anyway. I am the best dressed woman at the park and supermarket almost always. I'm channeling Oscar Wilde. I am Always overdressed. In graduate school a prof told us that when they sent out teaching kits to classrooms they had to include Everything, even the paperclips or the kits would remain unused. We won't talk about the pig fetuses that somehow never got dissected.

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