Monday, December 9, 2019

Eschew Intuition

Here's why you never want to develop intuition:

Consider the selfish, inconsiderate, uncivilized, deluded, and vaguely malevolent qualities you observe every day in people's words and actions. How could you possibly imagine that the unspoken stuff they're silently brewing up is, like, sparkly sunshine? People actually present their best side, disappointing though it might be. So why would you ever want to delve into the gurgling subterranean sludge (ala the "river of slime" from Ghostbusters II)?

Here's proof: How many times in your life have you ever coaxed/provoked someone into revealing what they were really thinking - into coughing up the thing they obviously didn't want to say - and found yourself glad to hear it? Has it ever once brought a good result?

If that can't convince you, then flip it around. Has anyone ever coaxed/provoked you into saying what you were really thinking and the truth was something they'd possibly enjoy hearing?

Why on Earth would you want to know what people are thinking??

Intuition's the ultimate be-careful-what-you-wish-for.

Don't fear intuitive people, btw. The Invisible Man sees everyone naked.

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Display Name said...

Too late. Not sure I can locate the dimmer switch on my intuition. Was looking up the difference between intuition and empathy and even the dictionary I looked at put a negative spin on empathy. Something about feeling the pain of others. You can also feel the joy of others yo.

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