Friday, December 20, 2019

Impeachment Reframing

Are you punditted-out on impeachment news? Sick of hearing the same stuff being endlessly restated? Here's a 6 minute piece by Lawrence O'Donnell where he offers that rarest of rarities, a fresh perspective.

If you're bummed out about the process, unsure how to feel, and/or just looking for fresh context, give it a view:

I posted the following rant to accompany it on Facebook:

We're all so incredibly passive....yet loudly entitled at the same time. We demand that someone FIX IT (whatever "it" is) to our satisfaction. Our contribution consists of the incensed dissatisfaction bellowing from our great big mouths.

O'Donnell's statement flips the perspective to the reality that all that really matters - the source of all power and change - is your vote. So we must overcome our laziness and apathy and Russian-brewed feelings of cynicism and hopelessness and use our voting rights...and encourage others to do the same. Actually do the one thing you can actually do!

Having organized a number of human activities, one large and ambitious and the others merely ambitious, I can report that most people can't budge a finger even if their lives depend on it. That's the problem. The film Wall-E is no longer futuristic:

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