Wednesday, July 20, 2022

SIGA Latest

If, at my urging, you bought shares in SIGA many years ago at $2-4, you're welcome (it's now around $14), and I'm sorry (that it took so long).

I can't possibly mind-dump all my thoughts, speculations, anticipations, and caveats at this point, but I owe some update. Here it is, for those who aren't watching every move:

From here, it will most likely either double or else very gradually waft back down to 8s/9s/10s.

If it would kill you to sell at $14 when $20s or $30s are quite possible, maybe hang on. If you've been holding shares so long that it's like a twenty dollar bill left in an old jacket pocket, maybe let it ride and see what happens.

Otherwise, selling here wouldn't be so bad. But wait a few days, as W.H.O. is likely to declare a "public health emergency of international concern", which should be good for a moderate rise.

If it does pop up to $20s or $30s, know that I will sell every last share the moment the needle slows down.

Finally, no, the monkeypox pandemic wasn't an unforeseen outcome. I've always considered TPOXX's effectiveness with animal poxes a strong fallback in case govs failed to take the smallpox bioterror threat seriously. I'm not sure the latter is true, either; it's all just moving glacially.

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