Friday, January 9, 2009

Doc Martin

Since my IT Crowd tip seemed to be a hit, I'll hip you to my favorite current British TV series: Doc Martin (better link: its Wikipedia entry).

The set-up is this: a snooty hotshot London surgeon, likely with a touch of Aspergers, to boot, develops a mortal phobia about blood. Quits his position and takes up residence as the GP for a little village in northern coastal England, complete with his Lexus. Cultural clashes ensue. It's hysterical and touching and very very well acted and produced (beautiful photography of the charming village, as well).

Watch the first episode on Amazon for just $1.99 (c'mon, you trust me enough to blow two bucks, no?). You can see the whole first season for $10...and Amazon lets you download to your computer or to TIVO.

If you get hooked, you'll need to buy DVDs for season two and season three (or get the complete set) from UK Amazon. I'll do a whole entry on UK Amazon sometime soon, but the thing to know is that they don't charge VAT tax on foreign orders, and this discount wipes out much of the shipping cost (which is non-drastic, anyway). I love UK Amazon.

Note that these are PAL, region 2 DVDs, however, which won't play on most DVD players. There are, however, a couple of workarounds).

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Pat said...

Those who opt to try the 1.99 deal from Amazon will be hopelessly and happily hooked. I have the first season. I've watched it at least half a dozen times.

The Asperger's angle is important.

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