Thursday, January 8, 2009

lyGO Visual Search

lyGO Visual Search is a new(?) search engine, still in beta, which delivers images of home pages rather than the usual texty search results.

People who like to do things visually will love it, and it's also useful when trying to re-find a site you once visited; it's easy enough to pick out the thumbnail-sized image of the home page.


CSouthwell said...

what a great idea... and what a find!

if google has sense they will offer it as an extra service soon.

ashame that business moves so fast these days, as the added competition can only be a good thing.

Unknown said...

Google does this basically on the home page of Chrome, although I think the new Safari does it a bit prettier. What I want to know is how to update the lygo images (as a site I'm working on is still bringing up the old screenshot), any idea?

Jim Leff said...

No idea. But google has tons of user forums...dig around, and there's surely an appropriate one to post this query in.

Although google's pretty fast these days at updating all their data. I remember when they used to index chowhound no more than once per a posting gets into google in minutes, sometimes seconds.

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