Friday, January 2, 2009

The IT Crowd

The IT Crowd, a British sitcom, is so unnvervingly funny that I just paused episode one after like three minutes to rush here and insist that you view it immediately. The season 1 DVD doesn't come out till March in America, but you could always preorder...or order a boxed set of both season 1 and season 2 from Amazon UK (they're five hours ahead on the clock, but apparently several years ahead on the TV dial) for just 12 pounds - 10.42 once they drop the VAT for the international order. That's an irresistible fifteen bucks American.

You can also watch a bunch more on the Web, but anything I like this much, I definitely want to pay for. Support the creators, hopefully encourage more of same, and treasure on my shelf.


CSouthwell said...

The IT Crowd is brilliant, i absolutly love it.

Chris Morris and Charlie Brooker have been involved withmany other projects, and i'd reccomend if you havent seen them;

a lesser known comedy : Nathan Barley. about london media types.


Brass eye & The Day Today, both are satircal documenty/news items, and although looking a little dated now, still retain their comedy value.

Anonymous said...

I met a guy at a programmer's meetup that was licking his fingers just like the guy in episode one. It was especially unnerving because he was eating out of a shared bag of cashews (the giant bag of cashews was pretty unnerving to begin with).

Also, if anyone's thinking of buying the Amazon UK DVD, be aware that it's a region 2 DVD and might not play in your DVD player. See all the gory details here .

There are workarounds and a good one for computer users is to use somthing like VLC media player , which ignores region coding.

Jim Leff said...

Most DVD players can be easily hacked to play all regions (and PAL/NTSC). See instructions (plus a link to a super cheap dvd player that does it all), see:

Pat said...

The IT Crowd was so much fun! Years and years ago I worked for an outfit chock full of such guys. No gals, then. This was in the days of Fortran, and computers the size of a small house. It sure took me back! We really did have to bring them in from the rain! I was crazy about them!

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