Monday, January 5, 2009

New Tagline

Any thoughts on the new tagline (see header)?

As I wrote
here, "the problem with versatility is eventually pisses off all parties." And since this unusually free-wheeling Slog lacks an obvious organizing principle, it needs an unvarying framework to contain the wide variation. 

I'm not crazy about Rabid Conciliation, though. Obviously it's a play on "rabid partisanship", but I'm not sure it works. "Rabid Conciliatoriness" would make more sense, but words like that get you beat up on the playground.


Barry said...

"Stubbornly insisting on seeing the other guy's point of view" is too long, I guess. :-)

Big Fella said...

"...and hardcore conciliator."

Dave said...

I like the first part of the tag, but not the other two. "Daffy anecdotes" doesn't seem to describe the contents of the blog so far. It's also sandwiched in between two elements that seem more important, and the first and third elements seem linked. Maybe you could combine the conciliation with the unorthodox perspectives in some way.

Something like: Unorthodox perspectives with a minimum of demonization.

Couldn't daffy anecdotes be subsumed under "unorthodox"?

Jim Leff said...

Thanks, Dave.

re: daffy anecdotes, I'm thinking the smuggled cuban cigars, the goldilocks-like quality of the chowhound story, my bizarre comparison of presidents to brazilian bus drivers, ridiculously persistent art hounding at the university, going catatonic from corn gruel and alarming my host...all sort of surreal and whacky, if not downright daffy. While I'm definitely not "aiming" for a specific mix, looking back that sort of posting seems to be a distinct part.

I don't think "a minimum of demonization" gets across the gist. I'm trying to go the other way.

So I may not be thrilled with how I've said it, but it's pretty much the sort of thing I need to say.

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