Thursday, February 25, 2010

Great Manhattan Food Find

2 Bros Pizza Plus (601 6th Ave between 17th and 18th; 206-8656) is a dismal pizza mill which, for some reason, has grafted on a concession run by a latino woman who cooks wonderful, soulful chicken (baked or fried), yams, garlicky string beans or broccoli, and other stuff, all for insanely low prices (it's hard to spend more than $5). There's minimal service and ambiance, but the prideful cooking makes up for it with food that's much, much better than it needs to be.

The place has been discovered by hordes of middle-aged African American midtown workers, who line up in awe. It's becoming a real sensation. Here are photos (click to enlarge):

The price, the setting, even the lines all evoke Depression era gloom (huddled masses, etc.), but it's still awesome.

Update: I went by today, and it was a different cook, and the food looked desultory, cheap, vulgar, and mean. I'll just keep going back over and over again till I find the miracle chef again. I'm not one to give up. I never gave up, for example, on Quisp.


Dave said...

Thanks for the tip.

Shades of Blimpies past.

Tom Armitage said...

Classic Jim Leff. Glad to see that you are still in form. I'll e-mail with an update, but I'm still alive and reasonably well.

Tom Armitage

Anonymous said...

Darkies like chicken???!!!

James Leff said...

No, but African Americans like African American (aka "Soul") food. Which is what this is.

Thanks for the swipe, though.

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