Friday, December 8, 2017

A Prediction

I'm going to make a prediction. This is all short term; I say it all goes down within the next four to six weeks:

1. Three dozen or more congressmen from both parties are accused, en masse, of sexual misconduct...with reasonably solid evidence.

2. Both Dems and Reps clean house (though the fate of Roy Moore is unclear).

3. Brief pause

4. Very solid, irrefutable evidence appears of Donald Trump doing something really awful of a sexual nature.

5. Franken and Conyers are seen, in retrospect, as having served as sacrificial pawns in the effort to bring down the king (more Franken than Conyers; the latter is bona fide awful).

6. The administration is rocked, but the GOP remains largely firm in its support (depending on polls of GOP base - not just Trump's hard 30% - and also whether they still need Trump for the tax bill or not).

7. The evidence (#4) is suspected to have originated with Putin (who isn't pro-Trump so much as pro-chaos/pro-dissent).

Anybody want to bet me a beer?

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