Sunday, December 3, 2017

Huge Dyson Vacuum Sale

Following up on the OLED TV deal, more bargain luxury...

The Dyson V6 is, pretty unanimously, by far the best cordless vacuum you can buy (detailed review) There are also models V7 and V8, but they're mostly about longer charge time, and you pay like crazy for it. V6 is still the popular one.

The V6 is now available for $229 with free shipping and three free tools (I got it yesterday for $209, not sure what's up with that) instead of its usual $499, and it's never been nearly this cheap anywhere (here it is on Amazon for $407).

There are many V6 variants, all mechanically the same. The difference is in the vacuum head and tool bundle. The deal linked to above is for the “V6 Fluffy”, especially intended for hard floors (though it does carpet, too). Other products are on sale, too, but not as dramatic.

You get to select three tools for free (only when buying directly from Dyson, btw). I chose Mattress Tool (also good for sofas and other upholstered items) and Up Top Tool


1. You need to keep your finger on a button to keep it powered up. Some people say it gives them hand cramps.
2. They advertise “up to 20 mins” on a charge (it’s cordless), but it’s more like 15. And if you use their super-suction mode, it drains battery fast. So between both these issues, this isn't your best choice for 1960's housewife-style vacuuming, wailing through room after room methodically in a big house. It's more for room-or-two-at-a-time.

Big benefit: you can lose the stick and use this as a handheld vacuum/dustbuster, for use on cars, quick spills, etc. Not needing a separate Dustbuster justifies the price, in my view.

Also: You can return it within 30 days for refund (you pay return shipping plus $10 restock).

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