Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Four Mexican Dishes, Two Mexican Restaurants

Recent meals at my two current favorite places for grandmotherly Mexican cooking (as opposed to the macho sizzly fast food grill stuff, e.g. tacos, sopes, etc.):

La Frontera Taqueria Deli (257 Battle Ave, White Plains), which I wrote about here, and Cienaga Grocery And Deli (10432 Corona Ave, Corona, Queens; 347-353-2366),which I wrote about here. Cienaga is Oaxacan, La Frontera is straight-ahead Pueblan (or at least I suppose they are).

Chile relleƱo at La Frontera with eggy string beans, rice, and beans. Never a remarkable bite here, totally non-artisanal; it registers solely in the animal brain.This is real Mexican home cooking, without needing to marry in or anything!

Meatballs in tomato sauce, potatoes, rice, again at La Frontera. I am a 12 year old Mexican kid, just home from school, and my grandma serves me this.

Barbacoa, weekends-only at Cienaga. Unforgettable. Just....I can't. Every bite a profound celebration.

Tlayuda, a Oaxacan-only treat that predated (and outclassed) pizza by millennia. This is actually only a C+ by Oaxacan standards, but it's A++ for up here.Why is that tomato so good? What madness is this?

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