Saturday, December 9, 2017

Presumption of Innocence is Bullshit, Man

I saw this much-liked posting on Facebook:

We need to judge more; to act more confidently from our uninformed initial takes. The problem is too much restraint and circumspection. We don't put enough stock in our snap impressions. Never forget: your initial visceral uptake is solid gold. Embrace your piqued outrage and act out from that!

Don't talk to me about facts or rational deliberation. I have something far better: a deep intuitive knowing about things. When I go there, that's when I'm fully alive. It's kinda spiritual, even if its primary use is to gin up the sort of outrage that generates angry mobs. It's a righteous sword to be cherished, not resisted. Unconstrain yourselves!

This is how the right managed to vomit up MAGA, and now this is how the left is responding. Same exact damned thing from the same exact damned impulse. Just swap in a new set of variables.

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