Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Gobbling the Lozenges

I've surveyed several Slog readers about a couple of recent postings, and none recognized that I was being snarky here (I've written a gajillion postings about how reframing is instant and effortless, so one certainly doesn’t need to rejigger the environment first) or the irony I was describing here (customers needing assistance is the only thing keeping her employed. Even winnowed to the last remaining employee, she's unable to parse the connection between needfulness and her paycheck), much less with the title of the posting (which I’ll let you ponder).

None of this (except this) is flatly banal small talk. I'm too considerate of your time and attention. There's always some larger point being made - even if it's not always on-target.

If you use this Slog as part of your daily online coffee-sipping quick buzz-thru, well, first of all, welcome, and I'm glad to have you - happy-face-happy-face-winky-winky-happy-face - but why here??? For better or for worse, these are slow-melting lozenges, not quick greasy yum-yums! Don't just gobble the lozenges!


Display Name said...

Waaaaaa! I commented complimenting you on da snark on that very post about reframing but you no allow it. /cry. Kewl I got rid of all my drama for the day just now and I can concentrate on developing six pack snark abs. Conan the Librarian is a huge snark enabler and the snark flows effortless from my lips when he is around. Gonna go thank him now, snark enabler that he is.

James Leff said...

Thank you for snark-parsing!

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