Saturday, November 16, 2019

The New Yorker on Reframing

Sure, 'cuz if you restructure your environment, you might think about things in a different way - "shift your perspective", so to speak. And this might help you change your behavior.

Of course it'd be crazy to imagine you could simply shift perspective as an internal choice, without pre-arranging external conditions to get them just right. Our inner focus is obviously under the complete control of the outer landscape. Here, let me map it out:

•Changing behavior requires a change of perspective
•The environment controls our perspective


•Change the environment
•Perspective changes
•Behavior changes

Thanks, social psychologist Wendy Wood, for the easy-peasy and not-at-all-unnecessarily-complicated strategy!

I didn't read the article. I'm only responding to the caption. This is 2019 and nobody reads the damned article and everybody snarks back at the caption and I don't see why I need to always be Mr. Stickler. So I'm dipping my toe in this groovy new trend, and I do see the attraction.

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