Thursday, March 12, 2020

More Virus Stuff

Yesterday, I said:
I've come around to a new view (framing?) on the virus: people need to panic more. I don't mean aristocratic Mrs. Howell style panicking - getting all frothy and screaming at anyone who sneezes. But the precautions most of us are observing with 50-75% diligence should likely be closer to 90%
Here's an example: we need to wash produce from the supermarket with soap and water.

Italy has had the exact same infection growth curve as us, but a week ahead, and it is BAD there (death toll in Italy surged over 30% yesterday to over 800). And I just spent the morning having all my Italian friends beg me via WhatsApp to not leave the house. That's all they say. Over and over. It's like they're radioing from a war zone. DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE.

I asked one why she doesn't go for a walk, or to a park. She answered:
“Because the lifespan of the virus on objects is not yet known: door handles for example. You should be one meter and more from each person and if an infected person passes by you and sneezes....."
Here's a short video showing utterly deserted streets in Rome, even the most touristic parts. It is surreal. A friend who's lived there for 60 years says this has never happened before.

Panic isn't the peril. It's the other way. It's complacency. Don't get all frothy and stressed. But do ratchet up your attention and diligence. Time to be smart.

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