Saturday, March 7, 2020

Where are the Devout Indian Aunties?

Why aren’t elderly Hindu Indian aunties going out in the streets to shield and protect Muslims who are being beaten by thugs?

The shocking intolerance - and now barbarity - of Hindu nationalism is utterly transgressive of the faith itself, which serves as mere “cover” for deeper hatreds and impulses. So where are the millions of real Hindus of deep real faith? Why are they not out in the streets shielding? They manage to show up like clockwork for holidays, festivals and pilgrimages in great plenitude. So WHERE ARE THEY?

In a confusing time of history, this is my biggest confusion. I well know about “the good people who do nothing” in such scenarios. But India, a bastion of genuine spirituality, should be different. The streets should be full of defiant aunties, yogis, and sanyasi. Where the hell are those millions?

If I understand the dynamics correctly, they’d face no recrimination for standing up. The violence isn’t orchestrated, nor has fake thug-Hinduism splintered and turned on the actually devout (nor will it do so easily with millennia of tradition baked into the collective consciousness). There would currently be no consequences for standing up - aside from maybe a minor concussion - for those incontestably in-tribe.

So where are they?

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