Thursday, March 26, 2020

Why the Drivers are All Lunatics Now

I spent the day delivering diapers and tampons from a central depot to my local food pantry for distribution later in the week. Lots of people who've never before used a food pantry are about to flood in, and I'm trying to help managers face the flood.

And, my god, everyone's driving like a lunatic. I was tailgated, cut off, and swerved toward by texting pinheads...multiple times. Has the virus driven everyone nuts? Are we all stir-crazy from social distancing?

Nope, that's not it.

Remember the reframing trick I shared in my posting "On Wine and Rubberbands":
Among several fantastically useful insights I got from my old friend Elliot was this gem: If a wine tastes overly tannic, that means it's either 1. overly tannic, or 2. lacking in everything else (so the tannins stick out).
Reasonable drivers are staying in. What remains are the less competent and conscientious ones. They've always been out there, but now they're the majority.

Filtration generates aberration.

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