Friday, March 13, 2020

Viral Virus Pivot

Yesterday I sent the following to a friend outside the country:
Massive pivot today here re: distancing. Biz has filled the leadership gap by voluntarily shutting down a ton of stuff. Manhattan streets semi deserted (not quite like Rome yet, but it’s coming). The society is unrecognizable from 24 hrs ago. Man, we got religion fast. I thought American acceptance of gay marriage and raw fish were fast. I ve never seen a pivot like this.

I am no kind of anarchist, but the concept of leadership jumped the shark a bit today. We just discovered that the orchestra sounds ok without a conductor. Serendipitous blessing of Trump.
Also I had this brief text exchange with another friend:
Italy did not do this until too late. We should no longer assume we're in delayed lockstep with them. This was a good day.

If you're not sensitive to reframing, it's easy to miss the scope and breadth of a pivot like this. Most people just sort of float, unconsciously, along with the framing tide.

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