Monday, December 29, 2008

Loss-Leading Luggage

It's a great time to buy luggage. Here are two insanely priced fancy fold-over (aka "garment bag") pieces:

Travelpro FlightPro 4 Horizontal Rolling Garment Bag for an unprecedented $110 (the other discounters all have it for $175) 

Samsonite Aspire Lite Ultravalet for a jaw-dropping $45 (closed-out elsewhere, but not this cheap), which has a suggested retail price of $220).'s a steep $270, and not discounted, but LL Bean's Ballistic Rolling Garment Bag is unique, 'cuz it has space for a toiletry kit and other such items that usually only fit in traditional luggage. View more detailed catalog photo on page 13 here

Awesome bonus: check out the hip/cool/snarky/great laptop bags, and lots of other sorts of bags, from Crumpler (note that the prices are Canadian...and that Amazon carries many of their products).

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