Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Year's Resolution Aid: Workouts

Interesting Washington Post article (and separate photographic evidence) re: how Obama has kept religiously to his workout schedule despite the rigors of campaign and transition.

During my Chowhound slog, the one thing I didn't let go was my every-other-day workout. Given that I was putting in 15 hour days 7 days/week, it perplexed me to hear others say they couldn't find time to work out. Here's the key: you won't "find" time to workout, you've got to make the time. It needs to be chiseled into your day at the same priority level as picking up the kids or getting to doctor appointments. It must be bedrock infrastructure, rather than optional leisure activity.

That's the only way to sustain a workout schedule. If, on a given day, you lack energy for a proper workout, then walk on the treadmill rather than jog. And cut down a brick of weight on the machines. But honor the commitment!

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